When asked about how old I am, I always respond with,

"I'm too young to mature but old enough to learn."
 Anyways, I'm twenty something. :)

I speak 5 different languages(but mainly the basics—hey! I’m not perfect and I never said that, did I? winks*): Filipino (my native language), English, Nihonggo, Espanyol and some Mandarin. I’m currently studying French. And if you are to consider body language, that would be the seventh. LOLjkiddin’

I have a lot of reasons for blogging.

The following are the main reasons why I am keeping this blog:

1. I blog primarily because I love reading and sharing thoughts at the same time. I have this thirst for continuous learning and since writing on a daily basis requires finding out new information, it helps me expand my knowledge. And have I told you that I find POWER in knowledge? Really.

2. My blog acts as my online diary, a record of my life. It's useful that I get to write down my goals, wants, needs, dreams and aspirations in life as I can remind myself of them in case I go off track.

3.Self-Expression. I find it therapeutic to write and tell world what I really feel, about the things that really matter to me, and just get it all out of my chest! Also, I love the fact that I've got such nice written record of my life being a half vamp to look back on in time.

4. The world needs what I have to say because I'm a writer by heart. I can't go to sleep because I have ideas cramming inside my brain that I want to respond with or to instigate. Besides, INSOMNIA is more entertaining at a keyboard, isn't it?

5. I'm passionate about too many things. Think: a blend of different topics from technology, photography, fashion, modeling, traveling, skin care tips but I also write my daily life smiles and grid. I write whatever comes my mind.

On a more cheerful note, I love looking at my stat counter to see how many people were interested to read what I have written.

Also, have I mentioned that I decided to keep a blog
because an old friend told me so? ^__^


LEE always has nice things to say about people; a certified sweet talker.
She loves throwing compliments when there's a need for it, and make people around her feel good about themselves.

LEE has firm standpoint.
She dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things and hates NOT being trusted.
She wants to remain MYSTERIOUS while she listens to what people have to say.
She takes risk and can be very stubborn in the most worst way possible. She is quite rebellious when withheld or restricted. The ULTIMATE PASAWAY.
Her family and close friends describe her as a very opinionated individual but she claims to be just a wide-reader influenced by other people's way of thinking.
When it comes to her family and friends, she's BRAVE and FEARLESS. With tendencies of being overprotective and defensive of them.

She's a little playful most of the time but strong-willed.
She enjoys learning new things and is very passionate about those things, yet dangerous when pissed.
She's pretty competitive in everything and often thinks far with vision but complicated to know.

In LOVE and heart matters, she is really choosy and she always want the best.
Brains turn her on. She takes care of herself really well and her reputation.  
Only the BEST deserves my LOVE, she says.
Still for some reason, most people, if not everyone, would find her charming and sweet. *winks*

Guys say she's one HOT babe, but obviously not the type that you wanna mess with because you might end up crying as well.

"I'm not a war-freak but will knock your lights out! I'm absolutely a good girlfriend though!"


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